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Super Synthesis

Super 37



The Super 37 is a skiff-friendly enclosure for eurorack format modular synthesizers with an integrated 37-key keyboard. It includes ~104hp of rack space (6 of which are occupied by the Keyscan module), TipTop audio’s Zeus Studio bus power supply, MIDI out, sustain in, and walnut end panels. Max module depth is 2 inches. The Super 37 was designed from the ground up to provide modular synthesizer enthusiasts with a comfortable and intuitive way to “play” their modular synths. The keyboard is perfect for standard synth patches, transposing sequences, or triggering percussive sounds, and makes it easy to utilize every musician’s most flexible accessory–their hands! The TipTop Audio Zeus Studio bus is a skiff friendly PSU with 14 x 16-pin euro power connectors and 2 x analog systems (asys) style connectors. The Studio Bus can provide up to 1.67a with our included wall wart. The Keyscan is a 6hp eurorack compatible module that provides the outputs and controls associated with the keybed. The main pcb is mounted to the bottom of the case, with a 10-pin ribbon connecting to the front panel. The v/oct and gate voltages are connected to the standard cv and gate bus through the psu. This comes enabled by two jumpers on the internal pcb, and can be disabled by removing those jumpers. The expandable “bay panel” holds a sustain input jack and a MIDI output jack. The MIDI output is always active, and sends note and sustain messages. With an appropriate pedal connected, sustain in holds the gate output high, and sends midi sustain messages. The keys are semi-weighted, custom-made, and a joy to play!
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