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Studio Electronics SE-1X Red Eye


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SE-1X Red Eye

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To commemorate/celebrate the production of 3,000 handbuilt SE1-Xs, S.E. and our clever design partners and friends, Nova Musik, have produced a new limited version: the SE-1X NE Red Eye (also "skinned" as the Angel Dust). Looking beyond the C.O.D.E. flavored, sectioned grey to black front panel visuals, with its splashes of blood-red switches and an electric blue display, one discovers some serious sweetening: the second VCO now boasts a silky "ARP-ish" sine wave which replaces the more industrial strength triangle, a switchable "Fuzz" circuit for amp overdrive and saturation, snappier envelopes, discrete filters with an expanded frequency range and 7 banks of S.E. sound design which demand satisfaction: 4 legendary factory banks, the techno focused Scroggins Synquence and inventive new Red Eye Patch Banks: Infared and Diademer - 693 preset sounds all told!

Californiabassing anyone?


Voices: One.
Audio Outputs: One
External Inputs:
Interface: 1 rotary encoder, 24 knobs, 21 illuminated switches.
Display: 20 x 4 blue backlit liquid crystal.
Memory: 396 patches in ROM, 396 user locations in RAM.
Weight: 10 lbs.
Dimensions: 3 rack spaces, 8 inches deep.
Power: 90 - 250 volts AC auto switching.




Three voltage controlled discrete analog oscillators. Osc 1 waveforms: triangle, sawtooth and variable width square; Osc 2 waveforms: sine, sawtooth and variable width square; Osc 3 waveforms: triangle, sawtooth and variable width square. All waveforms output simultaneously. Osc 1 syncs to Osc 2 and 3.



Two voltage controlled discrete analog filters: 24db (classic Moog®), 12db (classic Oberheim®). 12db filter incorporates low pass and band pass modes. Filter frequency range expanded by a whole tone.


Four multiple stage envelope generators, attack, decay, sustain and release with inverting and multiple triggering. Envelope 1 fixed to filter frequency. Envelope 2 fixed to amplifier level. Envelopes 3 and 4 are assignable. ADSR speed increased from standard SE-1X.


Three low frequency oscillators, triangle, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, square, noise and random waveforms. One destination and amount for each LFO with key trigger, phase and midi sync.


Glide and auto glide, linear or exponential.



Switchable fixed value hardware amplifier overdrive for saturated distortion.


4 factory banks, Scroggins Synquence, Infared and Daidemer.


High contrast 4 color phat fu branded front panel art.

Additional Features:

Noise generator, hardware ring modulation, external audio input (requires midi trigger to open gate).

Modulation Destinations:

LFOs 1, 2 and 3: VCOs 1, 2 and 3 frequency; VCOs 1, 2 and 3 mix level; VCOs 1, 2 and 3 pulse width; ring mod mix level; noise mix level; VCF resonance; VCF frequency and volume. Envelopes 3 and 4: VCOs 1, 2 and 3 frequency; VCOs 1, 2 and 3 mix level; VCOs 1, 2 and 3 pulse width; ring mod mix level; noise mix level; LFO 1, 2 and 3 rate and depth and VCF resonance.


MIDI Controllers:

Dynamics, modwheel, pressure and breath control: destinations and amounts include all LFO and envelope 3 destinations; bender: pitch and filter frequency; receives program change, bank select, glide on/off, glide time and volume. Fixed continuous controller assignments for all key front panel controls.

MIDI Specifications:

In, out and thru.

  • Classic Mini 4-pole, 24 dB/oct low-pass filter, paired with the mid-range sweet spot master, Obie, a 2-pole, 12dB/oct filter; both expanded a whole step in frequency.
  • Sine Wave Generator

    Three combinable Oscillators––now with a vintage-sweet and clear-voiced discrete sine wave generator in OSC 2 (replacing the triangle). Shades of the Odyssey...
  • "Fuzz" Amp Overdrive

    Our fixed value "Fuzz" circuit creates a warm, dirty (a bit) and overall fuzzy and saturated tone by compressing the Red Eye's peaks and adding soothing overtones.
  • 7 Banks of Presets

    693 preset sounds: 4 celebrated SE-1X factory banks, the techno magic of Scroggins Synquence, and Infared & Diademer: patches created uniquely for this limited edition.
  • SCROGGINS SYNQUENCE (included in Red Eye and Angel Dust)

    The Analogue Shaman who is solely answerable for our twisted 303 bank in the ATC-1 and one of my partners in crime on the "Analogia Project CD-ROM," S.E. produced for EMU, brings his imaginative and culminant programming skillz directly to bear on our SE-1X. Think detuned oscillators, free-ranging ring modulation, homeric hertz, internecine basses, diving and rising again 3rd envelopes, primogenial L.F.O. pulses, tricky modwheel routings, brooding messiness and deadliest of all (my personal favorites) Scroggins' trademark old school Hiphop 808/909 styled kicks and synthi snares.

    My boy came to do work. "And so it came to pass in those days, copious with the consolatory aorma of midnight oil burning, that the auroral Scroggins Synquence Bank was issued forth from the absense of all else: The Sonic Void."

    SE-1X BANK 5: INFARED (included in Red Eye and Angel Dust)

    Wth the introduction of our new NovaMusik partnered synth, the "RED EYE" came two fresh sets of patch banks: Diademer and Infared. Bank 5 "INFARED" is the lovechild of a most brilliant sound designer who will continue to remain nameless, due to reasons that must also remain veiled. This man knows his Arps and his Junos and his Techno; very clever and inspiring voicings make this "patch-work" an essential compliment for your SE-1(X) patch library.


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