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Rebel Technology

OWL Modular



The OWL Modular is a fully programmable digital audio device. With a sophisticated ARM Cortex M4 processor and plenty of memory, it delivers outstanding performance and audio quality. The platform is entirely open source and remarkably easy to program. A growing community of patch developers have created a diverse library of more than 100 effects, including phasers, flangers, delays, reverbs, distortion, compression, filters, shifters, screamers, laughers‰Û_ Based on the successful OWL Pedal, the Modular adds CV control and DC-coupled inputs and outputs, while retaining full patch compatibility. The OpenWareLaboratory combines several unique, powerful features: polyglot DSP (C++, FAUST and Pure Data patches can run on the same device) dynamic patch loading (no need to flash firmware) the same patch can run on the device, in a VST plugin, or a web browser cross-platform DSP library, easy to use yet highly optimised The latest firmware includes 40 factory patches that you can easily change between without connecting a computer. Additional patches can be easily loaded from the online patch library. For more information, patches, and documentation see the OpenWareLaboratory website.

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